Funfit Female Bootcamp


Are you female? Do you want to get fitter but find the gym a little daunting? Worry about not ‘walking the walk’ or ‘talking the talk’?

Would you like to start your fitness journey surrounded by other like minded females where everyone knows your name! Where you feel accepted, understood, and belong to something exciting! Where you don’t have to organise childcare and can bring your little ones to watch you progress! Where you have Fun AND get fit!

FUNFIT female Bootcamp is for YOU!

Children welcome!Contact Carol on to arrange your FREE taster session.

  • Wednesday
  • 10:00 am - 11:00 am
  • School holidays, Term time
Price and Booking
  • Monthly membership £15 or £6 pay as you go
  • Drop In
Purwell Recreation Ground
Purwell Lane
Contact Information