This week we have been mostly scoffing

If you’re anything like me, you end up cooking the same dinners time and time again (usually whatever is safe and quick).

Sometimes I cook for the whole family, or just the girls and something else for the grown ups. Sometime I cook for the girls and it’s so tasty we eat it too.

Here I will be recording our faves for me to remember and maybe to give you some ideas too… Please get in touch with your recipes – I always love new food ideas!

Ones for the kids that we love too

Mini chicken schnitzels with garlic sauce

I found this recipe on the BBC Good Food website. These are delicious. Chicken thighs make this recipe really juicy. I mix grated parmesan with the breadcrumbs too. The girls don’t like the garlic sauce but you will! We serve with skinny chips and salad.

Macaroni cheese

I can’t believe I’d never eaten macaroni cheese before having kids! I base mine on this recipe from the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook a version of which is above. I add grated nutmeg and whole grain mustard to my sauce and frozen peas and sweetcorn plus cooked (then cooled broccoli) before it goes in the oven to up the veg count. We have salad with it to make ourselves feel better about the cheese quantity…

Ones for the whole family

Spaghetti bolognese

This is an absolute staple in our house. I always use this recipe – it takes a few hours (I cook it for even longer than in the recipe in fact) but it’s so worth it. Double it up and then freeze it for a delicious family meal.

Cottage / Shepherds Pie

A great winter dish but actually we love it all year round  I make this in bulk and freeze it too… Great with baked beans or buttered cabbage (though the girls prefer the former obviously!)

For the kids

Hidden vegetable pasta sauce

There are lots of variations on this theme out there. I started with this Ella recipe but find the baked beans and peas give it a funny texture. Mine is nothing special – I just fry whatever veg I have in a little oil (like onions, celery, fennel, carrot etc) then add some tinned tomatoes and tomato purée to taste (with a little sugar too if needed). Put it in ice cube trays to fteeze and then defrost what you need each time. Serve with just pasta or add prawns, chicken, spinach, peppers, cheese or whatever’s in the fridge!

Mini chicken burgers with apple

These are soft little burgers that freeze well too! My recipe is from an older book and has a squeeze of ketchup in it too… Daddy always pinches these off the girls’ plates.

And for the days when we’re really stuck…

  • Fish fingers. Not the skinny Birds Eye ones though. (And they make a lovely sandwich for Mummy and Daddy with homemade tartare sauce!)
  • Sausage and mash (with onion gravy) gets demolished by all of us.
  • Eggs are our best friend – Omelette with ham and cheese (or whatever’s left in the fridge), scrambled egg with baked beans, soft boiled eggs with soldiers